Powerful Vacuums for an easy clean


A new range of versatile vacuums with the latest technology to make cleaning your home as simple as can be.

Cordless Vacuums

Cylinder Vacuums

Upright Vacuums

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Cordless Vacuums

A lightweight range for a powerful and practical cleaning experience.

These versatile hand held vacuums are the perfect solution for keeping not just your floors clean but ensuring your car interiors are plush and crumb free.

The cordless design makes the problem of power points a thing of the past and as they’re lightweight, vacuuming is a quick and easy process.

Cylinder Vacuums

A hassle-free solution for picking up dust while keeping the vacuum compact

Portable cleaning solutions with slickly designed cylinder vacuums offering lightweight and easy-going cleaning.

Simple to pack away and compact for minimal clutter, these vacuums are perfect for cleaning the house, top to bottom.

Upright Vacuums

For a home with heavy duty cleaning needs, our Upright Vacuums get the job done

If fighting with your carpets and hard floors is taking up your time, our upright vacuum range offers the perfect solution.

Perfect for providing a deep clean, our range of powerful upright vacuums battle the toughest dirt. Constant and powerful suction, and you can even ensure that pet mess is never missed with an optional

Powerful Vacuums

For a faster, deeper, more efficient clean

Eureka | Swan offers a range of perfect options leaving no spot untouched.

Multi cyclone technology provides top technical solutions for ensuring no loss of suction, our powerful hand held vacuums are equipped with brushless DC motors charged with a high voltage.


Perfect for
Pet owners

components specifically designed with pets in mind

Muddy paws? Pet hair? Eureka | Swan has you covered.

Our new range of pet perfect vacuums offer plush brush roll and a pet turbo tool specifically designed for tackling your furry friend’s mess. Their HEPA filters are reusable which makes cleaning up after your pup a far less expensive task.

The Eureka Clean Promise

As your reliable cleaning partner, we pledge to always provide you with vacuums that offer performance, quality and value.

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